eStats is simple but powerful script written in PHP.

Statistics features:

  • storing data in database;
  • easy change of look thanks to themes;
  • supports language versions;
  • possibility functionality changes using modifications or plugins;
  • collect and display information about used operating systems, browsers, robots, hosts, keywords, referrers, screen resolutions, websites popularity, flash plugin version, etc.;
  • collect data about location of visitors, maps generation;
  • generation of graphical charts (GD);
  • configure the script by the control panel with password protection;
  • exclude counting visits from chosen IP addresses;
  • protect preview of statistics by password and blocking from selected IPs;
  • collect and display information about visits in the last twenty - four hours, month and year, in addition stats archive;
  • displays detailed information about specified amount of last visitors;
  • and much more ;-);

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Albert Einstein