Welcome on the website dedicated eStats statistics script. You can download it here, report bugs or features requests and see its demo.

Recent events important for the project

Version 3.2.05

Fixed reported (one hour ago ;-)) bugs. Changes in files: index.php and templates/Default/style.css.

15.04.2006 22:54:28 Author: Emdek
Version 3.2.04

Some small fixes.

20.03.2006 22:20:57 Author: Emdek

I fixed two small bugs, changes in files languages/en-English.php, include/global.php and index.php.

18.03.2006 20:19:54 Author: Emdek
New stable version - 3.2

Today was released stable version 3.2, changes are listed in the Changelog.

16.03.2006 16:53:13 Author: Emdek
Website update and new stable version - 3.1

I completed the website, FAQ, etc.
Today was released stable version 3.1, changes in the Changelog. Version 3.2 is almost ready. ;-)

14.03.2006 19:17:24 Author: Emdek
Bugfix and a new test version - 3.1

I fixed small bug in one of template files, inappropriate title of login button. README files were moved into docs/ directory.
Today I give You for tests version 3.1, in which are a lot of small changes. ;-)
Details will be appear in the Changelog in next week. This version is compatible with 3.0.x.

11.03.2006 11:16:18 Author: Emdek
New version - 3.0

Today was released a new version of script, eStats 3.0, details in the Changelog.
By the way, today was started the new project page. :-)

19.02.2006 15:16:04 Author: Emdek

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