Welcome on the website dedicated eStats statistics script. You can download it here, report bugs or features requests and see its demo.

Recent events important for the project

Fixes for old MySQL.

20.09.2006 20:03:30 Author: Emdek

German translation added (thanks to Fuma).

24.08.2006 20:42:11 Author: Emdek

Fixes in modules MySQL and SQLite and admin board.

12.08.2006 22:34:25 Author: Emdek

Next fixes in modules MySQL and SQLite and some other changes.

08.08.2006 23:28:17 Author: Emdek

Fixed bugs in modules MySQL and SQLite.

03.08.2006 13:19:34 Author: Emdek

Finally stable version of eStats 4.0 is available. :-D
I invite to download and test it.

01.08.2006 20:11:18 Author: Emdek

Beta version of eStats 4.0 is available, also for download. :-D
Project has now its own discussion board, I invite to discussion. :-)

20.07.2006 19:30:02 Author: Emdek
eStats 4.0 Alpha

Alfa version of eStats 4.0 is available (but not for download). :-)
The main change is this that counting works. ;-)
TXT and MySQL modules are preliminary ready.

05.07.2006 09:53:11 Author: Emdek
eStats 4.0 Preview

As I promised, I released preview version of eStats 4.0. :-)
Not everything works correctly, data is not collect, but You can become familiar with new features of arriving version. ;-)

16.06.2006 18:58:21 Author: Emdek
eStats 4.0 is coming ;-)

Work under version 4.0 are in advanced state already, propably I will put demo of new features of the script soon. To do are mainly modules for databases (MySQL and SQLite) and for text files, which will be somewhat cut...

13.06.2006 11:19:58 Author: Emdek

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